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Original teeth whitening pen effective tooth whitening brush


Original teeth whitening pen effective tooth whitening brush


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Looking for a product to lighten your teeth?

Do you want whiter teeth in your own home?



Dental lightening brush to match the shade of your teeth, professionally whiten your teeth in your own home quickly, effectively and safely because this lightening product has the same ingredients that are used in dental practices, it looks a Whiter, brighter smile that looks better day after day.


✔ Whiter teeth quickly and safely.

✔ Progressive teeth whitening.

✔ Recommended by professionals.

✔ Easy to use.

✔ Eliminate stains on teeth from drinking tea, coffee and drinks.

✔ Instant teeth whitening.

✔ Whiter smile in seconds.

How to use it : Smile and apply the whitening brush on each tooth you want to lighten, let the product act for a couple of minutes and that's it. It is recommended to apply every 2 days and when you see a natural lightening of your teeth, it is recommended to use it once a week for maintenance.

"First of all, it did lighten my teeth but you can't whiten your teeth and at the same time continue drinking tea or things with color because or else it doesn't work well"

"It is effective and it is the original, I liked it because of how easy it is to apply"

"I have natural yellow teeth and I wanted to have them whiter, they lightened a little and if I keep using it I think it could lighten a lot more but I was satisfied"

"I had excellent results thanks to a professional who told me that I could use this product but at the same time he told me: change your habits and you should brush your teeth well after every meal, avoid drinking things that darken your teeth, if you also use dental cord and you use this brush to lighten and even the tone of your teeth you are going to achieve excellent results and I noticed a tremendous change "

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