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Dr. Fontboté

Decongestive lotion with azulene Dr. Fontboté rosacea sensitive skin

Dr. Fontboté

Decongestive lotion with azulene Dr. Fontboté rosacea sensitive skin


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Are you looking for a lotion to calm your skin?  
Do you want a de-fatigue toner?  




Azulene lotion; decongestant, anti-inflammatory and skin softening action: dry, normal, dry or combination. Effective and safe to use on reddened and congested skin.

The decongestant and refreshing action & nbsp; of this lotion for face and neck & nbsp; is thanks to & nbsp; a very complete and balanced herbal complex.

Ingredients: Herbaceous Complex with Chamomile, Peppermint, Aquilea, Calendula, Linden, Mallow, Horse Chestnut, Hamamelis, Hypericon.

  • Chamomile: natural decongestant action, which softens the skin.
  • Peppermint: antiseptic and calming,
  • Aquilea and Indian Chestnut, astringent action. 
  • Calendula :healing and repairing.
  • Linden:  with decongestant and soothing action. 
  • Mallow, Witch Hazel and Hypericón: & nbsp; epithelializing.
  • All skin types. 
  • Refreshing.  
  • Moisturizing. 
  • 250 ml. 

These plants have various active principles, especially azulene or flavonoids, which makes this tonic something special to show off a healthy face.


How to use it : & nbsp; Apply & nbsp; using the atomizer spray that is already included in the package. Use in the morning and at night.
Results: Less congested skin with continuous use of the product.



"I loved how it refreshes the skin and helps reddened areas of the face"  

"I've been using it for 1 week and hydrates very well"

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